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Foot Surgery Preparations - The House

Posted by Tom Schwab

Foot Surgery Preparations - The HouseWhen your foot surgery is looming, you are likely trying to get a lot of things done in advance so that you can simply relax once you get home and start the recovery process.  If you have your meals ready to do, you will then want to take a look at the safety of your house.  Here are a few things you can do to get your house ready for your recovery process.
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Foot Surgery Preparations: Planning

Posted by Tom Schwab

Foot Surgery Preparations:  PlanningIf you are preparing to have surgery and you have gotten your house ready and you have meals stocked up for your recovery, you are doing pretty well.  However, you will still have some planning to do in order to take care of other essentials.  If you work, for example, you will need to think through how your work will get done while you are gone.  Even if you stay at home with kids, you will have to plan ahead if you want any of the home work to get done while you are out of commission.  Here are some of the things you will need to plan in order for your recovery process to be as easy as possible.


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Foot Surgery Preparations - Fighting the boredom

Posted by Tom Schwab

Foot Surgery Preparations - Fighting the boredomYou are likely a busy person with more than enough to do on a day-to-day basis.  But after you have surgery, you might be stuck on the couch for more time than you would like.  Once you enjoy it for a day or two, you will probably start to get bored.  Before you go in for your foot surgery, it is a good idea to stock up on entertainment and decide what you are going to do to occupy your time.  If you have enough options, you might even look forward to the recovery process.  Plus, staying busy will distract you from the pain you might be in.  Here are a few ideas


Utilize your Laptop

Having a laptop is a great way to entertain yourself while you recover.  You can play games, search the Internet, talk with friends via instant messaging and a number of other things.  You can also do some work, write stories, send emails and nearly anything else.  Having your laptop nearby will offer you quite a bit of entertainment options when you recover.


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Foot Surgery Preparation: Gathering Information

Posted by Tom Schwab

Foot Surgery Preparation: Gathering InformationIf you are about to have surgery, you have likely been very busy getting ready.  You have a lot of things you want to do at your house like install safety features and make meals.  You also wanted to organize help, gather entertainment, and look into alternative mobility devices.  In order to get completely ready for your surgery, you will want to gather information as well so that you are as fully informed about the process as possible.  Here are a few examples of information items you will want to gather.


Medical Clearances

Make sure you understand what you will need like blood work, physical exams, possibly even an EKG and then make sure you have those items lined up before the day of your surgery.  You do not want one little thing to derail the timing of your surgery once you have everything else in your life prepared for it.


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4 Ways to Help Your Child Stay in the Game...on Crutches

Posted by Brooke Williams

throw-ballYour child's worst nightmare has come true.  He has an injury that has taken him off one leg...and out of his favorite sport.  Though our child is on crutches this year and unable to participate in his sport of choice, there are things you can do to help him stay in the game so that he doesn't miss out on anything really important.  Here are a few examples.


1. Encourage Participation

Just because your child can't run, jump, kick, or do any of the other necessary movements to put him in the center of the game does not mean he can't participate in other ways.  See if your child's team needs a scorekeeper or perhaps a stats person.  If nothing else, your child should at least attend the games and cheer his team on.  Perhaps he can even be of service at practice as well.  Keep your child on the team so he can enjoy participating in every way possible, even if he can't help with the actual game.

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