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20 Best Halloween Costumes when on Crutches.

Posted by Tom Schwab

Pirate on I WALK FREEAre you disappointed this Halloween because you have a broken foot, or you tore your Achilles Tendon?.  

Do you feel like you have to cancel your Halloween plans?

Well don't fret, below are some excellent costume ideas for those who have an injured foot or leg this Halloween.




 1. A Pirate:

If your using a Hands Free Crutch just add the Parrot on your shoulder, and eye patch, and a bottle of rum. Arrgh, that's a fine look.

2. A Penguin:

Waddle around with a purpose by making each crutch a wing, glue an oval
piece of white fabric on a black sweatshirt and wear a black hat.  Hello penguin!

3. The Penguin from The Batman Movie:

This will work especially well if you can make it around with a cane.  

4. The Monopoly guy with a cane and a monocle:  

Top hat and cane with a tuxedo.

5. Big Foot…after the hunter shot him: 

Pretend you're Big Foot and a hunter injured you bad enough that you need crutches.  Blood and hair just add to the effects of this costume.  If your above 7' that will work to your advantage.

6. A Deer..after the hunters got them (Antlers):

Same applies to the Deer however you could turn your crutches into deer antlers.  Imagine you're a deer and your hunting men.  You have to play the role in this one.

7. Shop Teacher:

With a drill through the eye, hammer through the skull, and boards nailed to the body, this teacher's lessons don't include building a bookcase.  Eww..Adult party only!

8.  Speedy Delivery Man from Mr. Rogers:

if you're on a Knee Scooter this will add to the fun of this costume.  Why not have fun with it!

TinyTim3 Dec06 250
9. Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol:

Everyone loves Tiny the cute one at the party when you dress like this crutch-laden lad.  And as Tiny Tim said, "God bless us everyone".

10. Knife-Throwing Assistant:

Practice makes perfect, and the magician performing this stunt should have practiced more. A wooden or cardboard backdrop provides the throwing surface, complete with knives that were thrown correctly. The last knife may be embedded in the forehead or chest of the assistant, whose costume should be sequined to indicate that it was all supposed to be part of the show.

11. Joust Contender:

Seated ScooterAn knights chest plater and a shattered shield provide the details explaining the lance through the victim’s torso. The length of the lance allows the point to pierce through the contender’s back.  Suddenly your foor doens't look like your biggest problem.

12.  Gimpy Smurf

Or was it Hobble the 8th Dwarf on a Seated Scooter?

13.  Downhill skier that hit a tree

Use skir poles insted of crutches

14.  Mummy

Always a classic just wrap your cast adn body but leave some breathing room

15.  Peg Leg Pete:

If you don't know who  this is Goolge "Gunsmoke".  It was an old Balck and white show

Hands Free Crutch

16.  An Orthopaedic Surgeon: 

You will know how your patients feel.  Torture them by making them use  crutches. Don't forget your doctor coat and gloves.

17.  A hit and run victim: 

Torn clothes, some fake blood, maybe even a tire track across your back

18.  A football player: 

Who ever got hurt with the worst leg injury the week before. 

19.  What ever celebrity recently made the news for rupturing their Achilles or breaking their foot:  Halley Berry? 

20.  Zombie with a limp:  

Nothing is scarier then a zombie's especially if they their dragging a leg.  Long arms will benefit this costume.

To find what option to crutches might be best for you, take this quiz



Add your best idea for a costume in the comments section below!

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