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Trick or Treat...Knee Scooter Style!

Posted by Karey Colyer

Knee Scooter Basket

October 31st is coming quickly.  

Have you thought about how you're going to chase your kids around with an injured leg?  

Maybe you won't be out on the streets, but need to man the door while the little ghosts and witches come around.  

If you've been on crutches for long, you know there are many things you can't do very well with your crutches.  I bet you've already figured out a lot of things but have you thought ahead to Halloween?  

Imagine yourself doing these fun activities while on crutches....

  • Picking Apples  
  • Raking Leaves 
  • Trick or Treating with your kids                                          
  • Picking out a Pumpkin      
  • Decorating for Halloween                          
  • Going to a Corn Maze
  • Baking an Apple Pie
  • Plant Spring Bulbs
  • Taking your Dog for a Walk
  • Go on a Hayride
  • Carving Pumpkins


Now imagine doing all those things from the comfort of a Knee Scooter, Seated Scooter, or Hands Free Crutch. Goodbye Crutches is here to help you do your normal, everyday activities better than you could ever do with crutches.  We are here to get your independence back and get you back on your feet.  The holidays are a time for making memories with you friends and family and Goodbye Crutches wants to help you make those memories happy ones.  




 What is your favorite tradition for Halloween?
Share your answer in teh comment seciton below.

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