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Why Does my Cast Stink and Itch?

Posted by Karey Colyer

The key to an odor-free cast is moisture. If you can keep your cast dry, you will likely not have odor problems. This means keeping water out of the cast and keeping sweat from under the cast. Some suggestions for keep a cast dry include:

Cover Your Cast
There are a number of ways to keep your cast dry and keep you clean. You can either be creative with products from around the house, or buy devices specifically made to keep your cast dry.  Check out the Goodbye Crutches bathroom essential Cast Cover product.

Key Features of the Cast CoverCast Protector

  • Watertight Protection during showering and bathing
  • Non-latex diaphragm stretches easily over the cast or bandage to form a waterproof seal
  • Durable polyvinyl cover prevents water penetration
  • Reusable – with normal use lasts 6 – 8 weeks of daily use

Don't Play Sports
This may not be acceptable to everyone who has a cast, but if you exercise you will likely sweat under the cast. This moisture promotes bacterial and fungal growth that is the cause of bad odors.

Vacuum Suction
There is a product called a CastCooler. This product wraps around your cast and connects to a standard vacuum. The product helps to cool the skin and remove moisture under the cast. This is a safe product that seems to help with some of the common symptoms of cast annoyance.

Cast Cooler


What is the CastCooler®?

The CastCooler is a newly patented device that provides immediate relief for an itchy cast or splint. The CastCooler dries moist areas under your cast/splint without touching your skin. Keeping your cast's lining dry and cool is the best way to relieve an itching cast and reduce smelly cast odor. A dry lining stays fresh and inhibits bacteria growth...the source of odor and itch.

What Not to Do!
    • Wash a cast you were told to keep dry. There are waterproof casts, but make sure that's what you have before getting your cast wet.

    • Push anything under the cast to scratch an itch. Don't stick hangers, sticks, pencils, forks or other objects under the cast.

    • Take your cast off by patient!

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