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What's the Recovery Time for Heel Spur Surgery?

Posted by Karey Colyer

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It's uncomfortable trying to walk when your feet develop debilitating problems. After trying to address the problem with non-surgical remedies, you may have decided to have surgery for a painful heel spur. You have to stay off your foot and keep the incision site dry after surgery. After a prescribed amount of time, you're allowed back on your foot. It may seem to take a long time, but the weeks you spend resting your foot after surgery will help you get back into good health.

Time Frame

  • The first week after surgery, your doctor may you stay off their feet as much as possible.  The more you follow his directions the less pain and swelling you are likely to have. Additionally staying non weight bearing may help spped the ultimate recovery.  Even with following the doctors recommendations, it could take you 3 weeks or more before your back on your feet.


  • The surgery is performed to separate the plantar fascial ligament from where it is attached to the heel bone. Some surgeons prefer to remove the actual heel spur during this surgery.


  • Some doctors prefer to have patients wear a surgical shoe or a supportive shoe to protect the foot after surgery. Sometimes the use of crutches is recommended. These options are usually made at the discretion of individual surgeon along with the consideration of the indiviaul patient.  If cruthces don't fit your lifestyle you may consider Knee Scooters or other Crutch alternatives.


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