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Food to avoid when recovering from an Achilles Tendon Rupture

Posted by Tom Schwab

Foods to avoid after Achilles tendon RuptureProper nutrition can be vital to healing of bones and tissue following surgery of injury to your Achilles Tendon.  Foods that might sound good, may not be ideal and could even lead to unforseen complications.  Here is a list of Foods to Avoid that came from the My Injured Leg communit,.  A free site where people just like you share tips, advice, and make recovery more enjoyable.

  1. 1%, 2% and whole milk and products
  2. Meats with 96% or less fat
  3. Red meats (Increases calcium loss)
  4. Hydrogenated oils such as stick margarine, and when listed as an ingredient in foods
  5. Food with high butter fat and other animal fats
  6. Hot dogs, hamburgers
  7. Salt (a major bone robber) or foods prepared with salt
  8. More than one cup of coffee or other caffeine beverages a day
  9. Sugar (a major bone robber)
  10. Chocolate (a bone robber due to caffeine content)
  11. Soft drinks due to high phosphorus content
  12. Alcohol (it inhibits calcium absorption)
  13. Carbonated Beverages
  14. Caffeine (increases rate of calcium loss through the urine)
  15. Smoking -  sure it's not a food, but nicotine reduces the blood flow and healing.

While many of these foods to aviod have nutritional reasons, they also have funtional reasons to avoid:  to much coffee or soft drinks lead to numerous trips to the bathroom, a bathroom can be be difficult while recoverying on one foot.
To find out more helpful information about recovery after an Achilles tendon Rupture check out hte FREE 12 page Patient's guide to Recovery after an Achilled Tendon Injury.  It's packed with helpful informaiton, tips, and links from other patients and health care providers, plus it's FREE.
Achilles Recovery Guide


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