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CAUTION: Is your Knee Walker Safe?

Posted by Tom Schwab

"My good ankle is all cut up and I keep tipping over" is what one desperate woman told us when she wanted to get a Seated Scooter from us at Goodbye Crutches and send back the Knee Walker she had gotten from a local pharmacy.

With years of experience helping patients recovering on one foot, Karen had heard this complaint all too often/  "Are you sure it is set up correctly" she asked.  Upon investigating it was clear that when it was delivered by the local oxygen delivery man it was set up wrong.  Instead of the knee platform being offset to help her, it was set up so that the unit was less stable and her good foot was closer to the wheels.

Set up wrong the stability of knee scooters can decrease by as much as 50%.


So how do you know how to set up a Knee Scooter correctly?





The offset platform should be set up so that the majority of the platform is toward your good leg.  Or in other words as you look at the unit from the rear there should be more cart away from you than towards you.

If you have an inexpensive knee scooter with a universal platform you are stuck with mediocre.

Proper set up and selection of your Knee Scooter is critical for you safety, stability, and comfort.  For all the answers you need to questions you may never even have considered get the 7 page Knee Scooter Buyer Guide.


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