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8 Vital Rules for Using Crutches after Foot Surgery

Posted by Tom Schwab

Rules for using crutchesIf you have foot surgery, your doctor will tell you that you have to stay off your injured foot for a certain length of time.  You will then have to use crutches or another mobility device if you want to have any hope of getting form place to place.  Most doctors will hand over crutches and if you want to give them a try, here are a few rules you will want to follow when using them.


Rule#1: Don’t look down

When you use crutches, you will not want to look down to see where your feet are going.  Instead, look straight ahead like you do when you walk.  It is important to make sure you get anything out of your path in advance so you don’t have to worry about looking down while you go.

Rule#2: Avoid Slippery Areas

If there is rain, snow, ice, rugs or any other obstacle in your way that might be slippery, avoid it at all costs.  These hazards can make you fall in an instant and that can cause you further injuries.

Rule#3: Don’t Use Crutches when Tired or Dizzy

Sometimes, the medications you are on might make you extra sleepy or even a bit dizzy.  If you feel anything but your best, you should not use your crutches.  Lay down and stay safe until you feel better able to get up and get going.

Rule#4: Check your Rubber Tips

Before leaving the surgical center with your crutches, take a look at the rubber tips on the crutches and make sure they are new or as good as new.  As you use the crutches, inspect them on occasion to make sure they look okay.  If they get old and worn, they won’t grip the pavement as well and you will be in danger of slipping.

Rule#5: Do Not Put Weight on your Foot

Make sure you follow your doctor’s orders and do not put any weight on your foot at all until you are advised to do so.  Crutches are cumbersome and it is tempting to just limp from the chair to the couch, but don’t do it.  Following your doctors orders to stay off your healing foot or leg can be vital in a fast and full recoveryIt’ll put your recovery in jeopardy and could cause further issues or at least prolong the pain, swelling and recovery time.

Rule#6: Wear Good Shoes

Make sure the show you have on your good foot fits well and it very comfortable.  Forget about high heels, sandals or anything else that can slip off or cause injuries.  Sneakers and comfortable slip on shoes are best.

Rule#7: Position Crutches Correctly

You will need the crutches to fit your body properly with the handgrips and armpit pads in the right places.  You should have the doctor or your physical therapist help you with the process.  If things are not lined up right, you might end up with a backache or worse.

Rule#8: Ask Questions

If you have any questions about how your crutches work or how they should fit, do not be afraid to ask.  You will only succeed on your crutches if you use them correctly to the best of your abilities.

Rule for using crutches after injury

Crutches can be a real lifesaver and they can help you get through your recovery after foot surgery.  However, they can also be very cumbersome and they can even hurt.  If you want to throw out these rules and start from scratch, look into an alternative to crutches from Goodbye Crutches.  The three main options include the Hands Free Crutch, the Knee Walker, and the Seated Scooter.  Each device has benefits so check out the options and choose what will suit your lifestyle the best.

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