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Surviving Foot Surgery Recovery Over Independence Day

Posted by Tom Schwab

Independence day on crutchesUsually, you look forward to the 4th of July, but if you are in the beginning of your foot surgery recovery process, you might look at any day, even a holiday, as just another day you have to get through and survive.  Here are a few typical 4th of July festivities and activities and how you can survive them when you are recovering from foot surgery.

Picnics and Barbeques

If you usually go to a picnic on the 4th, you likely make some elaborate dish to take along with you.  Whether its red white and blue Jell-O stars, watermelon pops or any number of other treats, people look forward to your participation at the food table.  This year, you need to focus on recovering.  Buy something store bought and everyone will understand.  You are in pain and unable to do everything you did before.  In order to survive the picnic or barbeque, make things simple on yourself and don’t feel bad about it.


Your family might look forward to the annual parade more than anything else.  The kids get plenty of candy and you all get to see fun floats, animals, people dressed up and plenty more.  The problem with foot surgery and parades is that you might have to walk a long way in order to get a good spot.  You then have to make your way through the crowd and eventually, back to the car.  To survive the annual 4th of July parade, take a look at devices that are considered to be alternatives to crutches. All can be purchased or rented, which often can be the most cost effective option.  The Knee Walker, Seated Scooter and Hands Free Crutch can help you walk much farther than you ever could on crutches.  You will also not feel so cumbersome in a large crowd.  If you want to survive the parade, forget your crutches and come up with another plan for mobility.

crutches in the summer


The 4th just wouldn’t be the same without the traditional games your family enjoys.  Normally, you are right in there playing alongside everyone else, but this year, you simply wouldn’t survive if you tried.  There are a number of games that you just cannot do on one foot.  Some, with the help of the Knee Scooter, you still might enjoy.  Judge for yourself and make sure you do not push yourself too hard or your recovery will pay for it.  In order to survive the games, promise to watch every second and play hard next year.


If you have a great park nearby that puts on a wonderful firework show, you likely do not want to miss it, even if you are recovering from foot surgery.  The problem is that you will have to sit in your lawn chair for a long period of time waiting for it.  Couple that with the heat and humidity that often comes along with July and your foot will be aching and swollen by the end of the night.  If you want to survive the fireworks show, make sure you have somewhere to prop your foot up to keep the swelling down.  You can use the ice chest you bring along or simply place your Seated Scooter or Knee Scooter in front of your chair and use the padded area for a footrest.  Make sure you also bring along plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and as cool as possible.

Surviving any day after foot surgery is a struggle, but holidays like the 4th can be even harder since there is so much you want to do.  Use these tips to not only get through the day, but also to enjoy it.

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