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Crutches aren't an option for those with RA Rheumatoid Arthritis

Posted by Tom Schwab

The Knee Walker is a device that people from all over the country have used to help them recovery from surgery and accidents.  When crutches simply do not seem to do the trick, the Knee Walker can substitute as a mobility device that can get you places faster and easier.  Here are just a few examples of how the Knee Scooter came in handy for a variety of customers and reasons.

knee walker beacuse ra rhuematoid arthritis can't use crutchesKim Lacefield of Pennsylvania fell down the stairs and broke one of her feet as well as her ankle and lower leg in a number of places.  After she got over the initial pain and shock, she didn’t know what she was going to do.  “I also have rheumatoid arthritis,” she said, “which makes crutches impossible for me.  Even a walker is difficult for more than a short distances.”  Because of her existing issues, staying mobile while she recovered seemed nearly impossible.  However, the Knee Scooter came to her rescue.  “I don’t know how I would have managed without your Knee Scooter,” she stated.  “Your product has been the best solution and will make my recovery much more tolerable.”  The Knee Scooter is not only good for those who are injured, but also those who have other underlying issues they need to address while recovering in order to stay mobile.

Colleen Burdine of Ohio had surgery on her heel and rented a Knee Scooter to help her get through her recovery.  “It has been the best decision,” she said.  “I was not able to walk and was horrible with crutches.  The Knee Scooter helped me be able to stay home alone and still move around my house and even let my dog outside when needed.”  Colleen had such a good experience that she even wanted to recommend the product to others.  “If you are even considering a Knee Scooter, I would recommend it because it helped me stay independent.”  She also appreciated how quickly it arrived to help her out.  “I ordered it and it arrived the next day.”

knee walker in chicagoAnd Chris Voorhees of Chicago, IL had even stronger words to say about the Knee Scooter.  “My knee scooter has literally saved my life,” he said.  “I can now get around, doing things I never could in a wheelchair.”  Chris took his time and looked around at what the market had to offer and he found, “this is the best scooter I could have rented and customer service has been wonderful.”  When he neared completion of his recovery, he remained avid that the Knee Scooter was the best thing that happened to him.  “I can get my cast off in three weeks, but I will remember and recommend this scooter to family and friends if needed.”

It is easy to tell how much the Knee Scooter means to those who have used it.  And if you think about how hindered you would be if you lost your mobility, even temporarily, you can certainly understand why.  Whether you have an accident or experience some type of surgery that places you on crutches, keep the Knee Scooter in mind along with its many advantages in terms of your mobility.


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