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5 Reasons to Use a Medical Scooter for your Broken Foot

Posted by Tom Schwab

medical scooter for a broken footWhen you break your foot, you think you know what pain really is.  However, when you start to get around on crutches, you realize you had no idea.  Using crutches will get you from place to place, but it can be very painful, inconvenient, and just downright hard.  Here are 5 reasons why using a medical scooter like the Knee Walker or Seated Scooter might be a much a better idea.

Reason#1: Less Pain, Throbbing and Swelling

When you have a broken foot, all you want to do is relieve your pain.  Your foot is likely a lot larger than it used to be and the only way to get rid of some of the pain is to make the swelling go down.  When you use crutches, your foot will be in a strange position and the swelling will not go down.  This will cause plenty of throbbing and pain.  You will have to spend a lot of time sitting somewhere with your foot propped up in order to help the swelling at all.  When you use a medical scooter, however, your foot will rest comfortably while you move from place to place.  You do not have to be completely immobile in order to lessen your pain and swelling and keep the throbbing at bay.

Reason#2: Safer

Crutches, while very handy mobility devices, can be just plain dangerous.  Imagine trying to get around on crutches in the snow, ice, rain, or even in the wind.  If you catch an edge on a rug, run into something sticking out on the floor, or do any number of other things, you could put yourself and your broken foot in even more danger.  When you have a bad injury, you need to stay as safe as possible.  A medical scooter will give you the stability and balance you need to stay upright in all situations.

Reason#3: Faster Healing

When you are able to rest your broken foot and the rest of your body more often, you may be able to heal faster and fuller.  Crutches are a real struggle and you will wear yourself out quickly.  If you are able to use a medical scooter, however, you can save your energy for physical therapy, showers, and the other things that really matter.

Reason#4: Convenience

Using crutches is a real hassle.  You have to try to stash them in your car anytime you go somewhere.  You have to prop them up next to the couch and hope that they don’t fall every time you sit down.  They don’t fold up and sit nicely, waiting for you to use them again.  Medical scooters, however, are much easier between uses.  They do not fall over and they sit wherever you leave them without shifting.  They are convenient during and between uses.  They even fold for easy storage and transport.  A medical scooter fits in the trunk of a car or you can even take your medical scooter on an airplane.

Reason#5: Mobility Options

When you use crutches, you are simply limited in where you can go.  You get tired easily and you have to think about things like hills, different surfaces, space and so on.  Medical scooters, on the other hand, can get you where you need to be with ease.  You may not be able to use them on stairs, but going up and down ramps is certainly easier.  If you get one with large 8" wheels you can go over grass, cement, carpet and any other flooring or surface without worrying about what it will do to your balance.

If you have a broken foot and you are looking at some serious time on crutches, you might want to consider a medical scooter to help you through your recovery instead.  They can be purchased of rented and delivered directly to you door.


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