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20 Best Halloween Costumes for the Kid on Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

If your child is injured on Halloween this year, he or she might be disappointed about the costume choices available.  However, crutches do not have to stop a child from enjoying a night of dress up.  Who know the injury could lead to sympathy and more candy.  They might just want to go on crutches every year.  Here are the 20 best Halloween costume ideas for kids on crutches.

Tiny tim on crutches1. Tiny Tim

This costume might be obvious, but it’s still cute and having the crutches as part of the attire simply makes sense.  With a cap and some ragged clothes, your injured child can make the crutches fit right into the costume.

2. Flamingo

Flamingos like to stand on one foot and since your child is on one foot as well, the pink bird makes for a great costume to go along with the crutches.

3. Sesame Street Character

If you have ever watched Sesame Street, you know the characters on the show are always trying to teach children something.  Let your child choose his favorite character and then say that Big Bird is teaching everyone how to use crutches.

4. Dog

There aren’t many dogs that walk around on two legs so having crutches as extra legs on a dog costume actually makes a great deal of sense.  Get some extra furry fabric and the crutches will blend in.

5. Octopus

The crutches can also be extra legs for an octopus costume, but don’t forget to add even more from other parts of your child’s body so that he has eight legs.

Pirate costume on crutches6. Pirate

Pirates are often portrayed with peg legs, but there are probably plenty that have found the need for crutches as well.

7. Penguin

If your child has a waddle when he is walking around on his crutches, choosing a penguin costume will help his manner of walking look more natural.

8. Accident Victim

If you do not have much time to pull a costume together, an accident victim is easy to pull off. 

9. Flower

Flowers only have one stem and the crutches can be big leaves while the flower hood can still fit right over your child’s head.

10. Hockey Player

Your child could either be an injured hockey player, or simply a hockey player carrying his sticks around with him.

11. Angry Bird

The angry birds have gotten tossed around so much, it would be strange if they did NOT appear on the streets on crutches.

12. Mummy

You can wrap your child with gauze or white fabric from head to toe and throw a little on the crutches as well. 

13. Spider

Spiders have plenty of legs to spare and crutches can be two of them.  Be sure to add extras coming from the waist or other areas too.

14. Old Man or Woman

If you have a gray wig around the house, dress your child up like an elderly person that simply can’t get around without crutches.

15. Zombie

You likely have never met a zombie in perfect physical condition so crutches fit right into this particular costume.  There is a reason zombies use crutches.

16. Ghost

If you want to hide the crutches completely, drape your child with a sheet and they disappear.

17. Witch

Witches need brooms and crutches can be made into all sorts of items.

18. Injured Sports Star

Use that old football jersey and make it look like your child got injured on the field.  Even if you are not a Yankees fan, this year Derek Jeter might be the perfect costume.

19. Mermaid

Dress your child’s good leg with the mermaid tale and let the other leg disappear behind her.

20. Super Man or Woman

Super heroes often have the need to bend one leg as they fly so having a leg behind your child will look natural.  You could even make your pediatric knee scooter your Bat Mobile.


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