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How to find a better option than crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

Confusing option ot crutchesWhen you injure yourself and quickly find that crutches are more of a pain than they are worth, you might wonder if there are other ways to get around while you recover.  The good news is that there are plenty of other options available that can be purchased or rented.  The only hard part is finding them…and figuring out which of the options works best for you and your particular lifestyle and situation.  Here are some tips to help you find options to crutches.


Tip #1: Talk to Others

If you have people in your life who have gone through similar recoveries and injuries, talk to them to see what they used when they were unable to put weight on one leg.  They might have used crutches, but they may have also had some back up devices that they utilized as well.  Things like wheelchairs, motorized scooters and many other devices have become very popular and helpful.  There are online forums where you can ask any question and get a wide variety of answers.  One of the largest is


Tip #2: Ask your Doctor

Your doctor is there to help you through the recovery process.  If you have any questions about your crutches and how they are functioning, talk to your doctor.  He or she and their staff might have recommendations for other items you could try, or at the very least, where you can look for such items.


Tip #3: Search the Internet

Since you are likely spending a lot of time at home resting during the early portions of your recovery, you might have plenty of time to spare for Internet searches.  Search for information on your particular injury and you will likely find one or several blogs on the topic.  Within those blogs, not only will you hear about pain alongside success stories, but you might also be able to get some details on things people used other than crutches in order to get through the experience in an easier manner.


Tip#4: Visit

While you are online commiserating with people who have been through similar experiences, hit and take a look at the three mobility options they have to offer.  These options range from a scooter on wheels, called the Seated Scooter, which allows you to sit and scoot yourself from place to place on your good foot, to the hands free crutch, which straps right to your leg and allows you to walk almost like normal while retaining the use of your hands.  In the middle of those two options is the Knee Walker, which allows you to stand and scoot yourself with the help of the padded device that comes with a basket on the front to help you carry anything you need to have along with you.  These options have worked for many different injuries and situations in the past and one of them might jump out at you as perfect for your own lifestyle.

options to crutches


If your doctor has told you that you are going to have to stay off your injury for a week, several weeks, or even a month or longer, you might not want to deal with crutches for that particular length of time.  Use these tips to find options that can help you get around with more ease and comfort.  Not only will your recovery fly by faster, but you will find that you can do many of the things you used to do with some of these options.



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