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Knee Walkers: Record Speed vs. Doctor Recommended Safety

Posted by Tom Schwab

After an injury or surgery many people are slowed down as they recover on one foot.  Most people think of old fashioned crutches when told by their doctor about the importance of staying non weight bearing.  Others refuse to be condemned to crutches and look for more modern options.  Others still use their ingenuity to event something even better. 


Colin Furze of England was one such person who didn't like any of the options he saw, so he converted a standard mobility scooter into the fastest mobility scooter in the world according to the Guinness Book of Worlds records.  While Colin clocked in at over 70 miles per hour (115 kilometers per hour) we wanted to compare the Goodbye Crutches Knee Scooter to Colin's Scooter for those recovering on one foot after injury or surgery.


Goodbye Crutches Knee Scooter vs. Colin Furze Speed Scooter  

                                      Colin Furze fastest mobility scooter       describe the image 

  Goodbye Crutches Knee Scooter Colin Furze Scooter
Turns Yes Yes
Wheels Four Four
Basket Included Included
Propulsion Users Good Leg 125cc Motocross Engine
Helmet Not Required Highly Suggested
Doctor Recommended Yes No
Covered by Insurance Yes No
Voids Life Insurance No Check before use
Available to Rent Yes No
Available to Buy                     Yes               No
Top Speed As fast as you can push 71.59 mph

To watch Colin's World Record Run click the video below

Colin is also the inventor of the GADGET Crutches that offer everything you need except comfort and the ability to use your hands.


If you can't bear weight, can't bear crutches and can't bear to end up in a wheel chair after trying to break Colin's world speed record, know that there are slower options to crutches.


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