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Woman's Guide to Dress For Success with Leg Cast

Posted by Tom Schwab

You look marvelousWhen you land yourself with a cast and maybe even on crutches, the last thing on your mind is your wardrobe. Even if it was a planned surgery you never thought about what to wear.   But once you complete the initial recovery process and are ready to get back out into the real world, you will need to put a little thought into your clothing.  In order to feel better, you do not want to lounge around in your sweatpants during your entire recovery.  You will need some nicer clothes and ideas to be presentable in public and will make you feel more like your old self. 

Remember what Fernando said,

"It is better to look good than to feel good

and you look Marvelous"


Use these tips to help you dress for success, even with a cast and crutches.


Tip#1: Cut Up Clothing

If you are a typical woman, you likely have plenty of clothes in your closet that fit, but that you simply never wear.  Take some of these items and revise them so they fit well for your recovery.  If you have a cast or brace on your injured leg, you will not be able to fit that leg into your regular pants.  Cut off some of your pants or create slits in the side that make them fit again.  Once you are recovered, simply get rid of the clothes you have modified.  You will have a thinner closet after you are recovered and you will have clothes to get you by in the meantime.


Halle Berry on crutchesTip#2: Try Something New

Not all women are comfortable in dressy clothes such as skirts and blouses, but when you have an injury on one of your legs, a flowing skirt might simply be easier than trying to fit your cast into pants.  Choose skirts with care and make sure they are not too long or cumbersome causing you to trip.  You might find that wearing a skirt even makes you feel better when you are out in public, at work, or at family events. 


Tip #3: Find a Comfortable Shoe

It is true that you will likely only need one shoe during your recovery, but it is important to find the right shoe.  You will want something fashionable, but you will also need something comfortable and safe.  Find shoes that fit all of those descriptions.  Look for sales at shoe stores so you do not pay too much for one shoe, which you may or may not wear after your recovery.


Cover my castTip #4: Find Ways to Accessorize 

A cast, bandage or boot are not particularly nice looking devices, though they are vital in allowing you to heal as you stay non weight bearing.  Find ways to make them fit in to your outfit instead of allowing them to stand out.  Often you can ask for a specific color of casting material.  Fashionable fabric covers are available that only allow you to change the color and soften the look of the cast.  The Cover My Cast also keeps your cast clean.  Decals know as Casttoos can also be easily added to personalize your cast.  It's easy to add everything from butter flies or flowers to flames or tribal bans.  If you are tired of explaining what happened they even have Casstoos that show which bones broke.


Tip#5: Find Ways to Get Off Your Crutches

Crutches may be functional but in the thousands of years they've been used, they've never been considered fashionable.  If you really want to wear some of your favorite items, it might be easier to leave your crutches at home.  The best way to do that is by looking into modern alternatives to crutches that can be purchased or rented as a cost effective option.  The Seated Scooter, the Knee Scooter, the Easy Crutch and the iWALKFree Hands Free Crutch are all items that can help you get from place to place with ease.  The Scooters have baskets so you can carry needed items and make sure to personalize them for your individual style.

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