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Waiting for Sears maybe more painful than crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

Waiting for a roll-a-bout knee walker“If I wanted it tomorrow,

I’d have ordered it tomorrow”


When you are in pain time seems to drag on.  

A customer recently told us she found a similar product as our available through Sears.  With our price match policy, she ended up purchasing the same crutch alternative from us.

As an independent distributor we continually purchase new products to evaluate them an determine if we want to offer them.  We also routinely ordered from other distributors to learn how there service and policies compare.  We are always learning and always trying to improve.


How does our Goodbye Crutches service compare to Sears?


There was only one way to find out.  We posed as a customer and placed an order on a personal credit card to deliver to one of our team members home.


After waiting a day...

Got an email confirming the Seated Scooter had shipped and letting us know had placed and should arrive in just 2 to 6 days.


After waiting 8 days...

When we still hadn’t seen the great deal from Sears we started to email them.  With every emails sent we got an automated response thanking us for contacting Wheelchairs Plus Mobility Solutions…but no response on the status of the shipped order.


After waiting 10 days...

We got an email saying they were out of stock, but should have them by then end of the month.


After waiting 21 days...

It was the end of the month and we still hadn’t gotten the device or heard from Sears.  After numerous emails, we were told the manufacturer was out but expected delivery with in the next 8 weeks.  We called the manufacturer, FWD Mobility who said they had them in stock and was anxious to take our credit card for the order.  


We canceled the order and have yet to see a refund.


While we matched Sears price, I'm proud to say we didn't match their service.  Fed Ex Home Delivery had emailed us that her unit was delivered before Sears told us ours was shipped - which it never was.

When you need hand tools consider Sears.  If you need relief from crutches, consider our experience.  Chances are you will be healed and back on both feet before relief arrives from the great deal from Sears.





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