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Why I Don't WANT A Doctor or A Knee Walker

Posted by Tom Schwab

Monty Python Run AwayI’ve never wanted to see a Doctor.  My bucket list does not include seeing an oncologist, a transplant surgeon, or even a hospice doctor.  Truth is I don’t want to see any Doctor:  MD, DO, DPM, DDS, or even a DVM.  People go to a doctor because they have a problem, want relief from a problem or want to avoid a problem.  I WANT to be problem free.


Doctors shouldn't take it personally.  One of our customer pointed out to us that no one really wants a knee scooter.  They want relief.  He noticed Knee Scooters are like "Preparation H":  You hope you'll never need it, but when you have a medical condition you want the product that will give you relief fast.


It's true: 

Call them your patients, our call them our customers,

they don't WANT Doctors or Knee Scooters

and here are a few more things they don't want.


They Don’t Want to Wait

“If I wanted to be seen tomorrow, I’d have called tomorrow”.  Otherwise understanding people can get very demanding when in pain.  Time may fly while you are having fun, but it drags when you’re in pain.  The doctor that can get a patient in quickly and then run on time has made the patient happier before they even walk in the room.

While some of our customers who are having elective surgery plan ahead most look for a better option than crutches when they are frustrated and in pain.  They want relief yesterday!  We provide free delivery of scooters in just one to two day.  We ship up until 7pm (EST) and even delivery on Saturday.  The FedEx driver is greeted with a relieved smile then we call with in 24 hours just to make sure everything is ok and to answer any questions.


They Don't Want To Speak To Anyone But An Expert

When a patient has foot pain, they want to see a doctor that specializes in the foot and ankle.  While some may not appreciate the difference between a specialist and a generalist, they know it’s best not to go to the closest doctor who can get me in.  For me that happens to be a great Veterinarian that I respect and trust…but not with my feet.

When a patient is looking for an option to crutches they want to speak to a knowledgeable expert that can help them.  One customer told us she went to a local big box DME store for a Knee Scooter. The unit was set up incorrectly. It was unstable and injured her good ankle.  After she found our videos online, she took the device back to be adjusted.  They claimed she had broken it by folding it down.   Goodbye Crutches focuses on crutch alternatives.  Our non commission customer care team have each personally tried every brand on the market.  They understand the product and more importantly they understand the patient’s needs.


They Don't Want To Choose From A Menu of Options

When a patient presents to their specialist with foot pain, they don’t want to be presented with a full menu of options:  We do hammer toes,  bunion surgery, a cast, triple arthorodesis, achilles repair or amputation.  They want to know the option that is best for them.  They want the solution that will solve their problem not cause a cascade of more problems.

Most people never knew there were options to crutches and can be overwhelmed.  Left to just pick one, the 80 year old woman might choose a Hands Free Crutch only to find she doesn’t have the balance.  Someone else with arthritis in the knee might choose a knee scooter when a seated scooter would be much more comfortable.  Our knowledgeable experts can help patients either over the phone or by online chats.  There is even a quick online quiz to find the best option to crutches.



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