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Pediatric Knee Scooter 101: Because Kids Hate Crutches Too

Posted by Tom Schwab

Pediatric Knee Scooter 101: Because Kids Hate Crutches TooChildren have the same struggles with crutches as adults: comfort, stability and mobility.    Unfortunately the number of options to crutches for kids is more limited.


For patients over 4’11” there are many options, but for those shorter the Pediatric Knee Scooter is one of the few options available.  More than just a scaled down adult model the kids knee scooter has features that make it safer and easier for them to use.


How a Pediatric Knee Scooter differs from an Adult Knee Walker


Doesn’t Turn:   While the ability to turn is a necessity for adult models, for children’s knee scooters it becomes safer for them to have one that is easier to control.  The non steerable model also saves on the weight.


Less Offset:  The amount of offset of the knee platform increase the overall stability.  For children with a lower center of gravity the knee scooter is already more stable.  The offset of the knee platform can be reduced to make the knee scooter more narrow with out compromising stability.


Tools Required to Adjust:  Adult models typically have easy to use adjustments that don’t require tools.  For the pediatric scooter you may need 2 wrenches and basic mechanical skills to adjust to the correct height and for the appropriate height.  This keeps children for adjusting it incorrectly or playing with it.


No Basket:  While a necessity on adult models, for children’s knee scooters removing it improves stability and weight.  Most children are accustomed to wearing back packs or book bags which work out very well to transport items.


Childs Knee Scooter 101: Because Kids Hate Crutches TooWeight:  A typical turning model adult knee scooter weighs about 23 lbs while a child knee scooter weighs around 15 lbs.  While it may be only 8 lbs, when you consider it a percentage


Fixed Wheels: Some adult scooters have samll swivel wheels like you would find on a shopping cart. The bigger the wheels the easier it is to go over objects like cracks or thresholds.  That's why with 8” wheels a pediatric knee scooter will accommodate patients 3’6” to 4’8”


Lower Weight Limit:  Adult scooters typically accommodate patients from 275 to 350 lbs while bariatric scooters can handle up to 500 lbs.  Pediatric Knee Scooters hold up to 200 lbs which is typically more than adequate for the accompanied height.


Availability:  Unlike the more common adult models, pediatric scooters are not commonly carried by local or online distributors.  Currently there is a single manufacturer of pediatric knee scooters in the US, Modern Mobility.  Goodbye Crutches sells them for $499 with free 2 days shipping.  These pediatric knee scooters can be rented through Goodbye Crutches for the $35/wk with free 2 days delivery, no deposit , no sales tax (outside MI) and free pick up and return shipping when your child is back on both feet. 



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