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5 Fun Summer Gifts for a Kid on Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

Summer on Crutches?

There is never a good time to be on crutches.  For a school age child the worst time might be the summer.  While others are enjoying time out of school, they are busy healing on one foot after injury or surgery.  Vacation seems short and recovery seems long.  There are things you can do to still make the summer fun while ensuring the child recovers correctly, completely and quickly.


Here are 5 fun gift ideas that will help any kid enjoy summer while recovering


swimming with a castAbility to play in the water

A big part of summer fun is water.  Whether a day at the lake or the sprinkler in the back yard, water can provide a great way to stay cool.  The doctor said to keep the cast dry, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid water.  Latex free cast protectors slide over the cast, bandage or dressing.  The seal keeps water, sand and dirt out.  Some styles can even be safely taken in to the pool.  Unlike the old style garbage bags and rubber bands, these are guaranteed to last the life of the cast.


cast coolerRelief from the itch of a cast

Keeping the water from the cast does not necessarily mean the cast will stay dry.  Normal perspiration even at rest can dampen the cast padding against the skin.  Warmer or more humid weather only makes this worse.  The moisture, warmth and darkness combine with the natural bacteria on the skin to cause itching.  Putting anything inside the cast like a coat hanger risks an infection.  Better to dry out the padding and provide cooling relief by draw in fresh air with a Cooler Cooler.  It works with any fiberglass cast and attaches directly to a household vacuum.  It also greatly reduces the smell of the cast.



Cool Cast Decals

With modern fiberglass cast it’s difficult to draw on or sign the cast.  While you maybe able to choose the color if you want to really personalize a cast get Casttoos.   Easily applied with a hair drier, you can choose anything from butterflies to baseball.  Of course you can also choose a tattoo that is only as permanent as the cast.


Crutch PalsPersonalized Crutches

If you have to be on crutches make them as comfortable and stylish as possible.  Make the crutches almost any color or style you choose with Shrinkins.  Not only will the child like the results, they will also enjoy helping in the easy process that takes nothing more than a hair drier.  For comfort consider Crutch Pals, soft stuffed animals that not only add padding to crutches, but also a fun companion.


Pediatric roll-a-boutOptions to crutches

If the child wants more mobility, stability and comfort than are available from standard underarm crutches, consider a pediatric knee walker.  These light weight foldable scooter allow the child to rest his or her injured leg on a padded platform while propelling themselves with their uninjured leg.  The knee walker, also known by the brand name Roll-A-Bout, folds easily for storage and transport.  Pediatric Knee Walkers can be adjusted to patients as short as 3’6”

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