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5 Tips for Doing Lawn Work on Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

Perfect lawn on crutchesThere is never a good time to be recovering on one foot.  Everyday activities can be difficult enough on crutches.  Carrying a cup of coffee is impossible so how are you going to take care of the lawn for the weeks to months the doctor told you needed to stay non weight bearing?


Here are 5 Tips We Got From Others Recovering on One Foot


1. Let it Go

People often take pride in their lawns and that is a great thing.  While the wife may take pride in a clean house, the husband may take pride in a manicured lawn (or vice versa).  While you are recovering you will not be able to do everything.  The lawn may not look as good as last year or next year.  This is not a negative reflection on you, but merely a reflection on the reality of the situation.   It’s made even more frustrating when you are forced to sit and watch all that “needs to be done”.  It is your choice to stress about it or let it go.


2. Hire it Out to Professionals

So maybe letting it go is not an option.  There are lots of professional lawn services that arrive in teams and do magic in minutes.  Ask around for referrals and be reassured that you will nay also be there to supervise them.  While you might only use them short term as you recover, having a prooven back up plan can come in very helpful the next time you are away from your home on vacation, work or for an emergency.  You’ll know and trust someone so you won’t have to come back to waiting chores.


3. Hire it out to Amateurs

No one cares for you lawn the way you do.  While you take pride in straight lines, the well intentioned neighbor kids is most likely thinking what he will be doing with the money.  If you can encourage him, coach her, and put up with their youthful exuberance you can keep up with the lawn work even on one foot.  Just like building a relationship with a professional lawn service, the local neighbor will always be a good and trusted back up to do these and other chores.


4. Rationalize the riding lawn mower

You’ve never been able to justify the riding lawn mower, much less the tractor with all of the attachments.  Now you have a reason you these are NEEDS and not WANTS.  Money spent on a lawn care service is wasted, money spent on your John Deere is money invested.


5. Get a better option to crutches

I too would not have believed this had I not seen the videos.   Steve is a medical professional and ice climber.  When he injured his ankle on a climb in Norway he would not settle for the limitations of old fashion under arm crutches.  Instead he chose to rent an iWALKFree Hands Free Crutch.  Not only did this allow him to get around his multi-level home he even did his lawn work including mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges.  You may want to consult your doctor and insurance agent before using the gas powered trimmer on one foot and pain medications.




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