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5 Exercises you can do while recovering from Foot Surgery

Posted by Tom Schwab

Exercise after foot surgeryFoot surgery affects thousands of us every year: over 5% of the population suffers from issues that lead to foot surgery. Whether your recovery time is 6 weeks or 6 months, feeling limited in what you can do during that time can be discouraging. However, everyone is able to continue living an active lifestyle by exercising after going through foot surgery.  As with all exercise programs, make sure to talk with your Physician before starting any exercise plan, especially while non weight bearing (NWB).

We've rounded up five simple exercise moves that are easy to practice after foot surgery!

5. Abdominals.
Did you know weak abdominal muscles are connected to poor posture? The more strength you have in your core, the more ability your muscles have to hold up your body weight, which can make walking less painful.

Tip: Sit in a chair with a straight back, concentrating on your abdominals. Lift both legs up with knees bent in a 90 degree angle, hold for 5 seconds, then rest feet gently on the ground. Repeat ten times three times a day.

4. Don't forget your "guns!"
Since the body requires time for repairing cells in your foot tissues after foot surgery, concentrate on strengthening the muscles in your arms. By working these muscles, using crutches becomes easier too!

Tip: Fill water bottles with water or sand, and practice arm curls. Focus and flex your arms as you control the lift up towards your shoulder, and back down towards your hip. Repeat fifteen times three times a day.

3. Exercise underwater!
By being in a pool, you are instantly lighter and it's much easier to move about and exercise. Bring a volleyball or beach ball to raise your heart rate for a cardio session. 

Tip: Try the ab exercise or arm exercises in the water to mix up your routine for a full-body workout for thirty to ninety minutes.

2. Stay balanced during your time of rest.
Practice balancing on your uninjured foot. If you find this simple, close your eyes. Your leg and abdominal muscles will begin to burn too!

Tip: If you find balancing difficult, do so in front of a wet bar or couch, so you can feel safe and have an object to lean on to prevent falling.

1. Use your towel.
Having foot surgery doesn't mean the foot muscles can't be worked! Try rolling a towel for resistance training exercises.

Tip: Try these resistance moves on Prevention, trading a resistance band for a rolled up towel!

Sometime the toughest most painful exercise is just getting around on crutches.  Even then they limit your mobility, stability and freedom.


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