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How to Make a Knee Walker More Comfortable

Posted by Tom Schwab

Roll-aboutMany people choose a Roll-about as an option to crutches while recovering on one foot after surgery or injury.  Also known as a Knee Walker or Knee Scooter, these wheeled cart-like devices provide mobility, stability and comfort you can not get from old fashion crutches.   

While there are many models of knee scooter with varied features for comfort and safety there are 3 critical adjustments you can make to a knee scooter to provide even more comfort:


 1. Ensure Correct Height of Knee Platform

The knee platform where you rest your healing leg MUST be adjusted to the correct height.  Incorrectly adjusted it will put either too much or too little weight on your good leg.  This can lead to knee pain, back pain and increased effort to propel the scooter.  So what is the correct height?  When standing still with your injured leg on knee platform, your GOOD LEG should be slightly bent.  If your good leg is fully extended or worse your heel is not on the ground you are putting too much weight on your injured leg.  Conversely if the knee on you good leg is bent, you are putting too much weight on your good leg. Minor adjustments can make big differences.  Remember it maybe necessary to adjust the platform height depending on the thickness of the sole worn on the good foot.


2 Adjust Pads

The better knee walkers have pads that can be adjusted to be closer together or farther apart.  Adjust the pads so they give you the most support with out pushing on you cast or bandage at a place that causes discomfort.  Even if you have a cheap unit with a single fixed bench seat, you can add padding toward the front or back to customize your knee scooter for comfort.  This additional padding could be anything from foam rubber to a small folded towel.  


3. Adjust Offset

Offset Knee PaltformOffset Knee ScooterWhile a minor adjustment, offsetting the knee platform toward your good leg greatly improves the stability of the knee scooter while keeping your good foot and ankle clear of the wheels.  Most modern knee scooters can be adjusted for either LEFT or RIGHT leg injuries.  Ensure your Roll-about is set up correctly (offset towards your good leg).  If you have an older or inexpensive universal unit, make sure you aren’t placing your knee in the center of the pad, but closer to the edge near your good leg.



Not all Knee Walkers are the same.

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