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Loosing Weight with a Broken Foot

Posted by Karey Colyer

Wieght Gain after surgeryGaining weight while recovering from a broken foot is a real possibility.  Because you are non-weight bearing you will be less mobile.  This can cause a vicious cycle of weight gain and depression.  Your broken foot may make it harder to engage in activities that help you lose weight and your extra body weight puts a strain on your foot every time you walk.  

 Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, Stay Active

Diet:  The dreaded word! Because you foot is engaged in every kind of cardiovascular exercise, losing weight with a broken foot has to start with a weight-loss diet. Find one that is high in nutritional value but low in calorie and stick with it. 

Set a Goal and a Time Frame:  Set a goal preferably with the help and advice of the doctor who is helping you with your broken foot.  Choose a time frame for your weight loss, expressed as a number of weeks.  One pound per week is a normal weight loss goal when you're only able to use diet to loose weight.

Cut Sweets:  Cut out high calorie foods with low nutrition values first.  Sweets, sodas and refined carbohydrates.  While these foods taste good when you consume them, they are bad for you and don't provide enough nutrition to justify the calories.

Chew Gum:  When breaking a bad habit of snacking, chewing gum will keep your mouth occupied.  Keep a fresh pack with you at all times to have when a snack attack hits.

Drink Water: Drink a large glass of water before each meal and when you feel like snacking. This can help you control your portions and cravings so you stick to your calorie allowances. 

Stay Active: This may be hard to do on crutches, but modern alternatives like the Knee Scooter, Seated Scooter and Hands Free Crutch should allow you the mobility and stability to do more of the things you want, you need, and that burn calories.

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