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10 Best Gifts for Mom after Ankle Surgery

Posted by Tom Schwab

10 best gifts for the mom on crutchesEvery mom has something in common with any other mom.  She has to do a million things each day with one hand tied behind her back and somehow...she always does it.  When a mom has foot surgery, those daily tasks seem even more daunting.  Here are the 10 things a mom who has just had foot surgery really wants.

1. A Real Meal
Recovery is hard work and though it may look like mom is just laying around, her body is working hard.  Make sure she has healthy meals regularly.  She will appreciate not having to struggle off the couch to make them herself.

2. A Laugh
It is hard for a mom to take herself out of commission in order to recover after foot surgery.  Get her a funny movie, a book of jokes, or something else that will make her laugh.

3. Entertainment
Moms are not used to relaxing and they will likely get bored.  Make sure she has plenty of magazines, her favorite shows on the DVR and other things that will keep her entertained after her foot surgery.

4. A Hot Shower
After foot surgery, any mom will feel grungy and want a shower.  Showering, however, is a real challenge on one leg.  Getting mom an adjustable shower bench can help her enjoy the shower safely.  A latex free cast protector will allow her to keep her cast or bandage dry no mater how long the shower last.

5. Comfort
No foot surgery will be pleasant, but there are plenty of comfort items that can help mom recover and feel better.  Buy toe warmers to keep her toes warm as they stick out the other side of the cast.

6. Nice Scents
After wearing a cast for a few weeks, it can start to smell.  Get a cast cooler so her cast won't stink and throw in a few nice scented room candles as well. 

7. Instant Chore Erasers
Make sure mom understands that any and all of her chores such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry will be taken care of while she recovers.

8. An Outing
After a while, any mom will go stir crazy.  Take her for a drive or out to run errands or anything else just to get out of the house.

9. Love
All any mom really wants to feel is love from her family.  Make sure she knows how much she means and the foot surgery recover will be a breeze.

10. ABC's (Anything But Crutches)
Crutches are hard to maneuver and can hurt mom's hands, arms and even arm pits.  Consider getting mom a hands free crutch, a knee walker, or a seated scooter to help her get around during her recovery.  All these options can be rented or purchased and delivered directly to her.

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