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Faster Knee Walkers: Goodbye Crutches partners with FedEx

Posted by Tom Schwab

Roll-about rentals delivered next day


If I wanted it tomorrow, I’d order it tomorrow!  


We live in a fast paced world that allows instant gratification: On demand movies, instant messages, and microwave everything.  Still, we hate waiting.  Waiting is especially stressful when you are stuck, stuck waiting for relief from the pain and limitation of crutches as you recover Non-weight bearing (NWB) on one foot after surgery or injury.

We listen to our customers and are always striving to improve their experience.  To provide you even faster relief, Goodbye Crutches recently upgraded to Fed Ex Home Delivery for all free shipments. 

Here are 5 reasons Fed Ex Home delivers your Knee Walker

Roll-about rentalLater Orders:  Order by 7pm (EST) and your relief will be on its way the same day to most parts of the US.  This is a full 7 hours later than any of our major competitors and could mean an extra day of freedom for you.   

Saturday Delivery:  Instead of waiting till Monday, the next business day, your relief arrives Saturday with the free ground delivery of all Knee Scooter, Seated Scooters, and iWALKfree Hands Free Crutch.

More next day delivery:  While free delivery has always meant just 1 to 2 days, you now have a much better chance of getting it in just one day with Fed Ex home delivery.

Lower Rates:  While free delivery is included with all crutch alternatives, lower shipping rates help us continue to offer the cheapest knee walker rental of any national distributor.

Improved tracking:  Trust but verify.  Now you can see exactly the status of your order on our web site.  If you choose, you can even be emailed at every step of your Knee Walkers journey from our six regional shipping centers to your front door.

This is just the first of many dramatic improvements you'll see from Goodbye Crutches this year.  We strive to be the best!  Over 25,000 doctors and patients have made us the largest!

Our sincere thanks to Myra Mohney, our local Fed Ex Representative, who shares our passion for service that wows you! 

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