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10 Best Halloween Candy to Eat when on Crutches

Posted by Brooke Williams


10 Best Halloween Candy to Eat when on Crutches  With Halloween just around the corner, your house will likely overflow with candy.  Since you are injured you know you are supposed to eat well so your body will have the nutrition it needs to heal itself, but the candy will likely be too tempting to pass up.  Here are some of the best types of candies to eat when injured and why.


Laughy Taffy

When you are hobbling around on one foot and everything takes longer than it used to, you need a good reason to laugh, right?  Have you ever eaten this candy without laughing??  Okay so you probably have, but any excuse to indulge in this sticky, sweet treat is a good one.


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Trick or Treating Made Easy on Alternatives to Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

TRCIK_OR_TREATINGMADE_EASYWHEN_YOURE_ONWhen you are on crutches, you may not look forward to the Halloween holiday as much this year.  After all, you are imagining a night out with your family, attempting to hobble from house to house in order to take your children trick or treating.  Or, even worse, you are imagining a night at home alone due to the fact that you do not believe you can hack it out on the streets gathering candy with your kids as normal.  If your crutches are holding you back from your normal Halloween festivities, take a look at how easy trick or treating can be on alternatives to crutches.

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Halloween Fun Decorating your Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab




When you have unsightly crutches by your side for an important holiday like Halloween, you might feel despair. 

There is no way they are going to fit into your costume, right? 

Well, if you pick the right costume, you can decorate your crutches to look like part of your attire! 


Here are a few ideas:


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10 Best Costumes for the Kid on Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

10 Best Costumes for the Kid on CrutchesJust because your child is on crutches doesn’t mean the fun Halloween holiday has to be ruined.  It may take a little extra creativity to find a costume that will work, but these ideas will get you started!  Take a look at this list of costumes your child could easily pull off, even when on crutches.


Idea#1: Spider

All you need is a leotard or black long johns along with some extra legs.  Glue or stitch the extra legs to the outfit as well as one to each crutch.  The crutches will blend in to the costume and make it all that much more memorable.

Idea#2: Mummy

Mummies actually look better with crutches.  Wrap gauze around your child from head to toe, hiding his cast or boot and include some cause on the crutches as well.  What mummy do you know that is in good shape?

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6 Tips for Trick or Treat on Halloween on Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

6 Tips for Trick or Treat on Halloween on CrutchesJust because you are on crutches does not mean you cannot enjoy the trick or treating session this Halloween.  Make sure you follow these tips and you can enjoy, or at least survive the evening alongside your children.


Tip #1: Pace Yourself

Keep in mind that you will not be able to go as fast as you did in past years.  Either prepare your children for your slower pace or commit to going up and down one street with them before you have someone else take over their supervision. 


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