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101 Thing To Do for the Student on Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

There is never a good time to be recovering on one foot after an injury or surgery.  You may be focused on everything you are missing or can't do, but here is a list of 101 things you can do even on crutches.  Her's to your fast, full and even fun recovery.

1. Have that cute boy/girl help you carry your books.
2. Take extra naps.
3. Create an Instagram journal of your recovery.
4. Pull out your old toys and re-create scenes from your favorite movies.
5. Cross puddles without getting your feet wet...or at least try.
6. Get a friend or two to help you decorate your cast or crutches.
7. Host a Euchre tournament.
8. Create new one footed dance moves.
9. Make up a ton of different stories about how you injured yourself.
10. Show off your fashion and style using your cast or boot.
11. Go to Google Earth and look up places you know and places you’ve never heard of.
12. Try out a new restaurant.
13. Make a comic strip.
14. Attach a camera to your crutches or on your head to film things from your perspective.
15. List 20 things you like about friends/family and then give the list to them.

16. Find some fun brain teasers to on crutches there is an option a knee walker
17. Write in your journal (or start one).
18. Spend all day speaking with a funny accent.
19. Have a paper airplane contest with your friends.
20. Get a modern crutch alternative and say Goodbye to your crutches.
21. Post videos on YouTube.
22. Have a conversation with yourself.
23. Friend us on Facebook.
24. Make a house of cards.
25. Get ahead on your homework.
26. Check out Pilates exercises that can be done while NWB.
27. Have a cast signing party.
28. If you’re a college student, find out if your injury qualifies you for a temporary handicap sticker.
29. Make an indoor fort with your friends.
30. Don’t push yourself too hard, rest is the best way to recover.
31. Use this as a good excuse to get out of gym class.
32. Rip music off your CDs (or do it for your parents).
33. Catch up on your favorite TV series.
34. Learn a new word and then use it as much as possible.
35. Make your own popsicles.
36. Mismatch all your roommate’s socks.
37. Join an online community for other students on crutches.
38. Those chair workouts on TV can actually be really good when NWB.
39. Stay up as late as you want and sleep in as long as you want.
40. Find a paint-your-own pottery place.
41. Take pictures of other broken things you see.
42. Use the store’s shopping cart wheelchair (just be careful not to get kicked out!)
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April Showers Means May Flowers…So What Does Foot Surgery Recovery Mean

Posted by Brooke Williams

friends3-rain-colorYou’ve heard the term…April showers means May flowers. Someone was trying to make us feel good about getting a lot of rain. And, in the end, the rain is a good thing for the spring and summer months. But while it is actually raining, it might not seem so great. The same thing can be said about your recovery process. While things might seem dark, gloomy, and even rainy, recovering the right way can mean restoration back to your original health. Here are a few ways to do recovery right so that you are guaranteed flowers in May in terms of a successful full recovery.

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5 Biggest Problems with Knee Walkers

Posted by Tom Schwab


A leg or foot injury can really slow you down, but that’s not the only problem you’ll face. Crutches, while difficult to use quickly and efficiently, also cause serious pain in your upper body. Your shoulders, wrists, underarms, and even lower back will all suffer after just a short time on crutches. Fortunately, you have other options.

You may be aware of knee scooters, even if you heard a different name. Some call them leg caddies, knee walkers, or roll-abouts. Whatever the name, it’s synonymous with relief. Rolling on a knee scooter is so much easier than using crutches, and the possibilities for keeping your life moving can be exciting. Just remember: Nothing is perfect. While you’ll certainly have the ability to stay more active, you’ll also run into a few snags.

Does Insurance Cover the Knee Walker?

Your first hurdle will be the cost, as it is with any treatment after an injury. Rarely does insurance cover 100% of your recovery, and knee walkers are no exception. You should also be aware that Medicare and Medicaid don’t cover knee scooters under HCPCs Code E0118. Private insurance, however, might just cover the cost. Click here to learn how to find out if your insurance covers your knee scooter.
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4 Ways to Stay Off Your Foot after Bunion Surgery

Posted by Tom Schwab

No_Crutches_new_logoThe recovery after bunion surgery is not as devastating as it once was. With all of the improved techniques of modern surgery, recovery is less painful, faster and easier.  Depending on the how bad the bunion is and your other medical conditions,  your surgeon may still have you to keep weight off your healing foot for a time.  Known as staying Non Weight Bearing (NWB), it is important to follow your doctor's recommendations to reduce pain and swelling and to ensure a fast full recovery.  In the past staying off your foot meant old fashioned underarm crutches.  Just like modern surgical techniques, there are modern options to crutches that might better fit your individual needs, abilities.and surroundings. 

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bunion Surgery

Posted by Tom Schwab

bunion2-resized-600If you have a bunion then you know the kind of pain they can cause on a daily basis. While there are some things you can do to ease the pain, you can’t change the way it looks. That bony bump penetrating from the side of your big toe is just embarrassing to look at, and you actually feel ashamed wearing open-toe shoes. The pain and the resentment you feel sometimes overwhelms you and you wonder how something like a bunion can have so much control over your life. Bunion surgery could be the solution to your problem and below are five things you might not know about the procedure.


1. Bunion surgery is the only treatment to get rid of your bunion completely

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